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Is epididymitis the same thing as an epididymal cyst?

I recently found a lump on my testicle. I went to the Dr who ordered an ultrasound. After getting the scans/images  he said I had cyst on my epididymal tube. (Tube that connects to my testicle) They actually found a small cyst that I didn't even feel on my other testicle.

I've read that epididymitis is an infected tube in the testicles usually caused by infection.

I have no discharge, no pain while urinating, etc. My testicles don't ache. The cyst doesn't hurt but obviously when I found it and felt it it was sensitive from over touching it.

Would epididymitis be the  same thing as an epididymal cyst?

Thank you.
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Epididymitis is simply inflammation of the epididymis. There are many causes of the inflammation, of which, infection is the leading cause. Cysts are basically fluid-filled membrane within the epididymis. They are a bit different.
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