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Testicle questions?

Hello; I recently went for my regular physicals and my doctors said I was fine. Being, the curious person I am, I prodded down my testicles after taking a shower later on.

Anyway, because of that, I have a few questions about the testis; hopefully you guys can help me with :)

1) When performing the self exam; most instructions say the feel the front and sides of the testicle; how about the back of the testicle? Doesn't the epididymis cover the back?

2) I was feeling the underside of my right testicle (it was behind, and on the lower part of the testicle), and felt something squidgy. It wasn't hard; it was tender of sorts, and...squidgy..(I looked at diagrams, could that be the tail of the epididymis?)

3) My left epididymis is larger, a lot larger than my right one. It's large enough that it's noticeable when pressed against the relaxed skin of the scrotum. It doesn't have any pain at all. I guess my question is; can one epididymis be larger than the other?

Lastly, 4) After masturbation, is it normal for the testis to feel a little sore; I heard about over-masturbation, and the ducts getting sore; so I kind of just looking for opinions here.

My doctor said I was fine, I'm probably just being paranoid; hopefully you guys can help me here :)

PS: The check-up by the doctors was no less than 2 days before I checked down there. I don't know if that helps, but I felt like I should mention that.
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