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Unanswered testicular pain. Got ultrasound, no real answer yet

I'm 27, male, and relatively healthy. Sorry for long story but trying to get every bit of detail. Haven't been to a hospital in 10 years aside from stitches. Not sure if related or not but about a week ago I was facing some seriously stressful stuff in my life. My fiance and I tried to have sex Sunday morning (9 days ago) and my testicles began to throb and feel super weird and uncomfortable. I immediately stopped and couldn't finish. That entire day I was sent into a series of panic attacks from the pain and discomfort I was feeling. I checked myself for torsion, hernia, you name it, but nothing stuck, though I could still feel a swelling/lump at the top of my left testicle, by epididymis. I took that Monday off work to see if it would get better, and it is very hard to judge as I won't take NSAIDs unless in dire pain, and pain comes and goes through day. So that tues-fri I worked, and working seems to help. I only really get uncomfortable, (sometimes 7/10) at night, but feel okay in mornings. That next saturday my fiance was all proud of me not worrying so much about my testes, even though they still hurt and throbbed, so she tried for sex again. I could get an erection but right after that my testicles felt so horrible I told her I couldn't even start, because pain. That pain lasted that whole Saturday and Sunday, along with all the classic panic symptoms. That next Monday (yesterday) I took work off and called my primary care. Primary care Dr. Was too busy that day, so I saw his nurse practitioner. I went to her because she had access to my health records. Not that there is much, but an episode happened about 9 years ago where very much relatively the same thing happened. I was diagnosed with a hydrocele with varicocele after an ultrasound, and it went away. They gave me Cipro then, but I didn't take it. Nurse prac. Felt me up, didn't feel lump that I felt, but sensed my panic and sent me for an ultrasound, and took urine for std/urinalysis. I was sent to a small clinic that seemed to be all about maternity for my ultrasound, but nonetheless had a machine and a tech. The tech was about the same age as me, so that worried me at first, plus I got a sight of her previous ultrasounds on her computer, and it was all abdominal by women names (of coarse.) She was very thorough though, lasted about 25 mins, and she took 70 pics and rolled all over down there, and focused on where I was saying I had pain, even though it was pretty agonizing having a warm, smooth thing jammed right where it hurts. I waited in waiting room as they sent pics over to radiologist at different location. Maybe 15 mins later I got the okay, and that nothing was wrong and no reason to be on anything prescribed, and no sign of varicocele, hydrocele, or mass. Urology appointment had been recommended by primary care solely for pain complaints, still waiting on date. Sent home with gooey feeling all over. Not sure if I trust what has been said. I know the pain is there, and it makes sex impossible, and falling asleep kind of agonizing, regardless of position. Plus, anxiety or not, my fiance and I can still feel inflammation in left testicle when relaxed, whether on epididymis or testicle itself is not sure but does have a lump feel to it. Urinalysis came back today showing no std's, no blood, no white blood cells. Nothing. Should I be concerned enough to get a second opinion, or push for urology appt.? I don't have health insurance as I haven't been to the hospital since last time it happened, so I try to keep costs down, but can afford health, regardless of circumstance.
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Guys really shouldn't have pain in their testicles so following up with the urologist to get a "reason" for the pain is the course that I would take and if the pain became acutely worse then I wouldn't hesitate to get immediate care, just in case it might be an intermittent torsion or something. I am not a physician but just know that pain is not a normal thing.
Thank you Mike. I am going to call my Dr. In the morning (11th day of pain) and ask for at least anyibiotics or something before urology appt. Seems they normally start with that coarse and I don't want it to turn worse.
Perhaps they could move the urology appointment up too. I hope they find the cause and bring resolution to the pain. All the best.
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Just an update. It has been 17 days since the pain started and it has left me in a pretty horrible state. Urology appt. Isnt until the day after tomorrow and i keep calling for cancellations, no luck.  The pain in testicle has dulled, and is now a general ache and pain sometimes in left testicle, and inflammation around epididymus. Also felt weird feeling in right testicle and feel what feels like an enlarged vein behind it. During the day I mainly get testicular pains, but now at night I am getting more and more prostate related problems. I get woken up through night with inflammation feeling inside pelvis somewhere and get urges to pee, then I pee and barely any comes out and burns really bad for a while, then I get this weird muscle spasm, like my bladder is trying to stop pee from flowing even though its done. Also sometimes feel like im leaking, but I always check when I feel it and there's no leak, no discharge, nothing. Still can't really eat and have lost 15 pounds in 17 days. With no diagnosis and sporadic debilitating pain, I am fearful of all the damage this has caused. My life has become a constant cycle of pain and anxiety. I have been extremely depressed, And can't even bring myself to play a video game or anything to get my mind off of it.  Just constant googling and hope for some sort of support. I really hope someone here replys that has gone through the same thing. It has made my life a living hell.
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How did the urology appointment go?
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Just another update. Went to urologist 3 days ago, friday. Basically he was super cocky and didn't listen to any of my symptoms. Said ultrasound was inconclusive and therefore just put me on a script of antibiotics based off of soreness in both balls, and samples of phytotherapy for prostate... it has been 4 days on antibiotic and the only thing i see getting better is the ball pain in day. Sometimes during the day, now, it feels like they are super sensitive, dull and achy, but not painful. I guess this is better but at night the prostate problems persist. I peed around 2 hours ago and it burnt really badly, and now, still, only thing that helps is ibuprofen. I don't want to take ibuprofen for pain, I just want it gone! Still haven't ejaculated, and still feel super weird hormonal stuff like nightsweats. Please, I don't understand why this is happening. Can someone point me in the right direction? Or something? I guess cancer part of forum isn't right place for this, but really need help.
I have also been taking a lot of other supplements. Phytotherapy from uro, fish oil, garlic, turmeric, multivitamin, saw palmetto, 5htp, and melatonin for sleep, as i get woken 4-5 times per night with pain, inflammation feeling. The lack lf care or effort from uro appt. Has me really upset. No answers, no prognosis. Just "oh yea, been doing this for 15 years, see this all the time." Yet  is ultrasound is inconclusive he just put me on antibiotics, instead of exploring other reasons. I get no support from fiance as she thinks it is all anxiety, yet I can live worry and anxiety free without pain, it is when I feel pain I feel anxious. I don't understand why it has moved to my prostate at night? Why is night so bad? I am almost afraid to come home because i know around 6 or 7 I will experience pain again.
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