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Undesended testicle

I was wondering with what is a risk here . If a baby was born with a undesended testicle and gets it surgically put down into the scrotum it is a risk of cancer . But is it still a risk of testiculsr cancer if the baby was born with a undesended testicle and it drops down into the scrotum by itself within the first few months of life ?
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Please someone help me
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I would not be overly concerned but would make sure he is aware of testicular cancer and the need for monthly self-exams once he gets to his teen years. I would not fear an occurrence of testicular cancer as the sooner the testicle drops the less risk of testicular cancer and within a few months is really early. Typically a referral for surgical intervention doesn't happen until the 6 month mark as seen at: https://www.auanet.org/education/guidelines/cryptorchidism.cfm
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