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What do you think? Testicular Cancer

28 year old male here.

Realized I found a small hard bump and the around it is hardened, on my left testicle. At the front of the testicle.

So I went to the hospital today and saw a doctor. It's a good hospital and the doctor is the head of urology. Doctor felt it and said he thinks it is a cyst. Then they did a ultrasound.

They said nothing showed up on the ultrasound, no tumors and nothing bad happening inside. Just a little calcification in some areas. The doctor said that cancer usually happens from the inside to the out. Not on the outside. He said that he did not see any problems. And then scheduled for a follow up in 6 months and for me to let him know if it ever gets bigger.

It's really worrisome and bothering me.

What do you guys think about this? Has anyone had something like this?
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The ultrasound is really the best test to determine what is going on in the testicle so the fact that they did not see anything alarming is good. I think it is also great that the doctor would like you to follow up and certainly if there are any changes I would go back sooner than later for re-evaluation.
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