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lump lower down in my groin !

Hi, I am concerned about a lump in my groin lower down on the thigh side of the crease between hich and hip (right of tisticle). Its probably 3 cms big and noticed this morning. It feels like a bruise and surrounding the lumps also feels bruised. Not had much luck on internet as all lumps in the groin I find are higher up with nymph nodes.
I plyed golf yesterday in very hot temperature, and noticed in the evening that it felt bruised down there, like i had been cycling all day.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
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I wish I had better advice but something like this needs to be evaluated by a doctor.
With testicular cancer the lump will be (inside the scrotum) directly connected to the testicle itself. I'm not sure if your describing something that's within the scrotum or outside where the leg and groin meet.  It could be a lymph node... either way if its causing pain and its something new its a good idea to have it checked.  The area your describing is where my boyfriends pain originated ( testicular cancer survivor) as far as a lump in that area I think an exam and possibly an ultrasound are the way to go.  If your due for a physical anyway its a good time to make sure everything's ok.
All the best.
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