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Teen pepper-sprayed as Trump protesters, supporters clash


There is a wave of violence coming from Trump rallies.
Now in my county, a child ( born of Mexican/American parents who were born in the US) has been getting bullied in school, taunted, being told to go back to Mexico where and her parents have never lived.
This is what Trump's hateful rhetoric is breeding.
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I agree! He's dividing the country instead of uniting us.

This could be our Leader??? I pray not!
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I'm not so sure the current President "brought us together" as he promised he would.  There is certainly argument that he did more to divide the country but with that said I think both parties and the media did nothing to help the situation.  I think that is how "they" want it.  

Trump being able to unite us?  Please...  Hillary being able to unite us?   Come on....  This nation is as divided as its ever been and as long as these two parties squabble over who is right and who is wrong, and as long as they keep pointing fingers and blaming the other guy, we are not going to move forward and we will not be united!

Its easy to see when you take a step back.
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Obama seemed to try at first, to seek a middle ground but the Republicans decided to do all they could to defeat Obama, not to help the country.


At this point the country seems so divided I don't know how any one person can unite us but Trump is certainly further dividing people. Sanders is the only one talking about helping the common man.
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