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Where are we headed?

Where will we be as a nation in 4 years?  

I predicted a Hillary Clinton presidency back when she stepped down as Secretary of State.  That's neither here nor there at this point, but I currently see the nation even more divided now than it has been.  Better than that, I see a division within the Democrat party as well as a further fracturing of the Republican party.  

I think I understand it all.  From all of the things I've read, people everywhere are concerned with "government run amok" and are again looking for a savior.  The problem is, they are looking to politicians to step in and be that savior henceforth the nightmare rise of Donald Trump.

"He's an outsider."  True that, and how will that work when DC is completely full of political insiders?  Voting for a President is not going to change the way things are done in DC.  We'd have to elect some 500 plus "political outsiders" in order for a chance at change and even then, I believe those people would be bought out by big money somewhere off the script.

Where are we headed?  Straight for more of the same old song and dance and perhaps a little more discontent.
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How the People's Party Prevailed in 2020

"Third parties have rarely posed much of a threat to the dominant two parties in America. So how did the People’s Party win the U.S. presidency and a majority of both houses of Congress in 2020?

It started four years before, with the election of 2016.

As you remember, Donald Trump didn’t have enough delegates to become the Republican candidate, so the GOP convention that summer was “brokered” – which meant the Party establishment took control, and nominated the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

Trump tried to incite riots but his “I deserve to be president because I’m the best person in the world!” speech incited universal scorn instead, and he slunk off the national stage (his last words, shouted as he got into his stretch limousine, were “Fu*ck you, America!”)

On the Democratic side, despite a large surge of votes for Bernie Sanders in the final months of the primaries, Hillary Clinton’s stable of wealthy donors and superdelegates put her over the top.

Both Republican and Democratic political establishments breathed palpable sighs of relief, and congratulated themselves on remaining in control of the nation’s politics.

They attributed Trump’s rise to his fanning of bigotry and xenophobia, and Sanders’s popularity to his fueling of left-wing extremism.

They conveniently ignored the deeper anger in both camps about the arbitrariness and unfairness of the economy, and about a political system rigged in favor of the rich and privileged.

And they shut their eyes to the anti-establishment fury that had welled up among independents, young people, poor and middle-class Democrats, and white working-class Republicans.

So they went back to doing what they had been doing before. Establishment Republicans reverted to their old blather about the virtues of the “free market,” and establishment Democrats returned to their perennial call for “incremental reform.”

And Wall Street, big corporations, and a handful of billionaires resumed pulling the strings of both parties to make sure regulatory agencies didn’t have enough staff to enforce rules, and to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Establishment politicians also arranged to reduce taxes on big corporations and simultaneously increase federal subsidies to them, expand tax loopholes for the wealthy, and cut Social Security and Medicare to pay for it all. (“Sadly, we have no choice,” said the new President, who had staffed the White House and Treasury with Wall Streeters and corporate lobbyists, and filled boards and commissions with corporate executives).

Meanwhile, most Americans continued to lose ground.

Even before the recession of 2018, most families were earning less than they’d earned in 2000, adjusted for inflation. Businesses continued to shift most employees off their payrolls and into “on demand” contracts so workers had no idea what they’d be earning from week to week. And the ranks of the working poor continued to swell.

At the same time, CEO pay packages grew even larger, Wall Street bonus pools got fatter, and a record number of billionaires were becoming multi-billionaires.

Then, of course, came the recession, along with bank losses requiring another round of bailouts. The Treasury Secretary, a former managing director of Morgan Stanley, expressed shock and outrage, explaining the nation had no choice and vowing to “get tough” on the banks once the crisis was over.

Politics abhors a vacuum. In 2019, the People’s Party filled it.

Its platform called for getting big money out of politics, ending “crony capitalism,” abolishing corporate welfare, stopping the revolving door between government and the private sector, and busting up the big Wall Street banks and corporate monopolies.

The People’s Party also pledged to revoke the Trans Pacific Partnership, hike taxes on the rich to pay for a wage subsidy (a vastly expanded Earned Income Tax Credit) for everyone earning below the median, and raise taxes on corporations that outsource jobs abroad or pay their executives more than 100 times the pay of typical Americans.

Americans rallied to the cause. Millions who called themselves conservatives and Tea Partiers joined with millions who called themselves liberals and progressives against a political establishment that had shown itself incapable of hearing what they had been demanding for years.

The rest, as they say, is history."
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If Trump is elected it wont be the same old same old. But it will if Hilary is elected. Trump speaking his mind and to a lot of people its the same mind!
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I didn't even know where to begin in this new Group. Wow! We've just begun to scratch the surface of what's wrong in government! Everything!  My comments may not be in the right thread - so please excuse me.

We are we headed? I don't have the time to list my concerns. We are certainly not headed in the right direction. We need to throw all (or most) of the elected officials and begin again! American's won't do that. They are too concerned with their personal issues to realize that the answers to many of them is better - or even less government.

If we made it law - that the newly elected official had 6 months to set their campaign promises into motion - or they are GONE - then we might see changes. Now a politician can promise anything - they never produce but the empty promises continue. We elect them and all those promises are forgotten!!

Trump!!! Really? The self motivated, arrogant bully that cannot possibly get "real life" - we want him to fight for freedom? When did he ever worry how he was going to feed a child - or put them through college? Think he's lived through a lay off?  When did he ever get what it's like to be in the middle class or poor? Guess what, he doesn't have a clue of what the average American faces each and every day!  We want his bully remarks and actions representing America? Is that what we have become? A nation of arrogant bullies? That's what Trump represents to many - to me!!

He doesn't understand foreign polices anymore than I do. We really want him running this country? If so we've fallen further away from showing the world we what this nation represents - a strong nation built on principles, with compassion, humanity, humbleness and honestly and offering hope to all. Where did we lose all that - and when and how can we get it back?    

Trump wants to be President for Trump - another and maybe last feather in his hat. Trump doesn't want to be President to truly help we Americans and this fragile world. It's simply a personal challenge!

I don't think we have great choices in this election process - but Trump is not the answer!

Dave you're right - if Trump is elected it won't be the same old - but I promise you it will be much worse. Can't wait to see him insult and set off North Korea! This is serious crap and not reality tv - yet everyone seems to be treating it as such!
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"This is serious crap and not reality tv - yet everyone seems to be treating it as such! "

I think you hit the nail on the head !

Trump will say and anything and is saying anything because he wants to be the winner, that's it. Nobody knows what he really thinks or believes and maybe he doesn't either. The fact that he has so many supporters shows how ignorant the masses have become. There is no critical thinking going on here, none at all, sigh.
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I so agree with you Hawk!

Trump's ignorance was once again made apparent when he stated woman should be prosecuted if they should ever chose an abortion.

It doesn't matter which side of Right to Life position you are on - No woman should be prosecuted. He also declared that the man impregnating her should face no criminal action! As always the man bears no responsibility!

I in no way want to begin a decision regarding Roe V Wade. I just want to point out another example of the reasons this arrogant celebrity is not fit to be the head of the most powerful and possibly complex country in the World! He simply doesn't get it. This is only one example of a multitude of ignorant statements  he's made - had to back peddle on - change his position - and than claim he never really said it.

We have a host of issues in the country that require serious remedy. I don't know if there is a current candidate that can get us out of this mess! What I truly believe is Trump is ill prepared to lead America! He's not the answer!
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I don't know if any one person including the president can turn this ship around,either.
Bernie Sanders says many of the right things about big money running the show but what he would really be able tondo if elected, is questionable.

Trump is not going to unify anyone other than thugs and bullies.
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