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Unfortunate Names

Have you ever come across a name that you feel is so unfortunate and you wonder why someone wouldn't change it?  I just ran past a name with the last name Hyman.  My coworker was joking around and was like "hi I'm (his first name) Foreskin".....haha.  I'm sorry might be corney but cracked me up.  What are some names you have come across that made you go huh?
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I've heard a name within my daily life activities of a person who's last name is Snoddy. The first name begins with a "W," and when combined with that last name...perhaps it's immature to stifle a giggle, but honestly, I can't help it and everyone else who has heard the name gives the same reaction.
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Also, I used to work at Petsmart in my teen years as a dog groomer. We kept all the dog's owner's names in a file for future grooms and such.
Honest to God, there was a person with the last name of Butt.
When I answered the phone to make the appointment, I had to ask the person's name so I could schedule their dog. When they said their last name, at first I thought I heard it wrong, and asked them to repeat it. When they repeated it, it took all I had within me to cover my laugh with a "coughing fit."
I politely got back on the phone to schedule the appointment, apologizing for the cough I'd so suddenly developed.
Fortunately, the person did not have a first name such as Harry, Ophelia, Ima, D!ck, or some such name like that. It was a common first name...but just crazy that the last name was Butt. Lol. I could never live with a name like that!
OMG, that reminds me...!
I've done a family tree research on my genealogy, and waaaaay back in my lines somewhere, like, great-great-great-great-great grandparents...I have a couple of Butts in my family tree.
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And I've met two people in my lifetime, both unrelated to one another, with the last name of D!ck.
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I dated a guy years ago who's last name was Hore.  I remember thinking I needed to end it before it got serious...no way could I marry him...apparantly I am far more shallow then I thought....

AHP, there is a Canadian TV show called Corner Gas.  The main actor in is named Brent Butt.  He is a comedian.....I guess he had to be to handle what I am sure he endured as a child!  

Last one was a client I had years ago named Huck Yu.  He was Chinese with a very strong accent....guess how it sounded when he introduced himself.....
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Lmao...too funny.
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Today I had a client with the first name Hung. Poor guy. Or maybe not!

My sil was the office manager of a doctors office. She said a woman came in with her baby. The baby's name was pronounced, "Shi-thee'-id, but it was spelled "Shithead".

Dear God.
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My son is called James, our surname is Hall. We only realized a few months back that should he decide to shorten his first name in the future he could end up being a Jim Hall (GYM  HALL??!!) Why didn't we see that?? I also once worked with a girl called Marina Beach, what were Mr and Mrs Beach thinking?? I also know someone with the surname Bottoms.
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i went to school with a boy named barry schmall lol.  and to make the worst of all another boy's parents were named pat and **** wetnight!!!!!!!!! oh lord i couldnt live with that name lol.  

i met a little boy named spider, his name on his bc not a nickname.
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My husband my his sister both work in poor schools...  lets see if I can remember them:

Abced (ab-see-dee)
Oranjello (Orange-Jello)
oh man-  there are so many and I can't remember them...

the Shithead was one at my SIL school.

Man,  I wish I could remember more!
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Lol....these are great.  Once my friend and I went clubbing and this guy came up to us and was talking about his wife and kids.  He had two girls one named diamond, the other was ruby and my friend goes "what's your wife's name, emerald?".....lol.  He didn't get it.  He was like "huh? No...Jen".  Her and I were cracking up and he was so lost.
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LOL - I love this post!!!

I used to work as a cashier at a grocery store just out of high school (yes, they had grocery stores back then)   I had a customer pay with a check - that's how I found out his name was Floyd Beanblossom - lol - perfect if you are a cartoon character -and watching the credits to a movie the other night, one of the actors was named - ready -

Forrest Fyre

my ex husband's family had the weirdest names ever - old fashioned country names - grandfather was Clyde - his twin was Cloyde - uncles were Luther and Gerald but everyone called Gerald Mouse - grandmother was Alcestis (rhyme with Asbestos)
one aunt was Enola, they called her Nodie - other grandmother was Louella - they called her Waddie - MIL was Sharon - they called her Shog - personal favorite was the uncle named Comer Dode - lol - I had my mom convinced that Comer had a sister named Mirror -  hehehehe
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I am not going to give her first name, but there is a lady in the area whose middle and last name are: Ima Horr
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Love when people name one kid something weird and the rest are normal. Like a momentary lapse in judgment hit them or something.

I had a friend whose name was Leslie McCracken, unfortunate in itself. One brother was Chris McCracken, who we calls "Lips McSmaken" and her younger brother, who was also a bit...ummm...touched... was named Valley Forest...what the heck?

I transcribed a patient the other day whose name had me shaking my head. I could not figure out how the world their parent could name them that in good conscience.
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Andi it could have been worse, they could have called the brother Phil McCracken...
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I joke that I really must love my husband to have taken his last name.  Dr's offices routinely mispronounce it as Comer (not comber), no matter how many times I correct them.  I give up.
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Ima Horr, that's friggin hysterical.
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Phil McCracken

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Our last name is Fohner (like phone-er), which is always mispronounced and I passionately hate ordering take out because you just KNOW the teenager taking the order is thinking boner. lol

DH's grandfather's name was Pershing. Persh for short. Blech.

There's a local family with the last name Bevis....imagine all the prank phone calls they got asking for Butthead in the 90's! lol

There's a Michael McMichaelson in town that I know of.

Whoever mentioned the last name Hyman...that's a local lawyer with a house FULL of kids where I live. lol

And my personal favorite, a high school classmate's dad was named Richard Head. Mmmhmmm, **** Head.
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We had a TV presenter here - Scot Scott ... now really could they not have broadened their horizons just a little?
I have seen Crystal Skye Magic (she must be destined to be a fairy when she grows up).  Also seen the last name Cummings (HEHEHEHE)
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Always thought that **** Butkus should change his name.
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I was reading a story yesterday on MSNBC.com about actual names found in the
census reports - made me laugh - my favorites - actual names now remember .......

Mary A . Jerk
Emma Royd

and my all time favorite.....

wait for it........

here we go.......

Hugh Jass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and that ladies, is your daily chuckle!!!!!!!!
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I have an asian friend named Khen Ho.
Everyone calls him by his last name.
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