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What are your christmas plans?

This week we will be busy baking cookies.
Christmas Eve we will go to church then deliver cookies to the nursing home and a couple of neighbors.
After that we will go home and have our own family christmas and open gifts.  We do not do a big meal but instead prepare appetizers and simple things to snack on.  
Christmas  day we get together with extended family and do a gift exchange.   Many times we combine both sides of the family but with my inlaws living so far away we don't always get to see them.
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Usually we are away for Christmas.  We alternate years between my family and my husbands.  DH's are a 7 hour drive and mine are a 5 hour flight, so usually it's busy and rushed, although always enjoyable.  This year I am 35 weeks pregnant, so my Dr. prefers I not travel that far...I also can't imagine being cramped into a car or plane for that long. So we are keeping it very quiet and simple, and for the first time since we have been together (including our dating years) we are just staying home.  For Christmas Eve we are going to a close friends house for dinner and games.  Christmas Day it is just Warren and I.  We have a small tree, will exchange gifts and pretty much stay in sweats or pajamas all day watching old movies.  Dinner is Cornish Game Hens with trimmings instead of turkey.  We are well stocked on snacky items and will also spend a lot of time on the phone with family.  Although I love both our families and will miss them this year, I am looking forward to a nice quiet year at home.  
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Swampy is getting ready to hibernate.
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18 inches of snow changed our plans.  Had a very quiet christmas at home.  Kid's seemed to enjoy it.  

I am glad it's over.  I do not enjoy holidays at all.
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