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Hi. I am 16 years old and i have a huge problem that it really upsets me. Its about studying actually. I am a very organised neat person I always do my homework and I always work. But everytime i sit on my desk in order to start studying I am very very nervous, i scratch my head, (I used to have intense trihotilomania) , I smash my acne and even more sometimes I reach in multiple orgasms(Ive reached 20 mini orgams in 10 minutes)!!!! All those things just interrupt my thinking and attract my attention. Thus, even I read, the things I try to learn never get and stick in my head. WHAT CAN I DO? I AM SO SAD!? I always cry and cry and nobody helps me!!!! PLEASE HELP WHAT CAN I DO TO READ STUDY PROPERLY AND PASS MY EXAMSSS?
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