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Swollen after Oral

my boyfriend JUST gave me oral sex, and was 'i think' paying more attention to my clitorius, and i went to the bathroom afterwards and its super swollen. its the first time its ever been swollen. im freaking out. is that normal?

also, we have been thinking about having sex for the past 2 weeks and i want to super bad, but im nervous that even with a condom ill get pregnet and im 15.
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The clitorus will get harder and swollen when u reach a climax...thats probably why it was swollen. I know this answer was very late but by now you should know if there is an problems with your clit now, so if there is, go check it out with ur doctor.
And all I can say about the sex, is if you feel ready to have sex then your ready, but its your choice. And yes, condoms arent 100% effective but dont be scared, use the pill as another safety measure.
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