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strong points in writing

Hm.  Well, I think for me, it is something I just enjoy doing all the way around.  I can feel the magic of putting words together and it is fun for me.  No matter whattype of thing is written.  

I have some fiction works that I've been writing.  But I find that my two areas that 'take off' are when I write something serious and a bit heart breaking----------  perhaps because I have felt broken hearted and the emotion of my own heartbreak seeps into the writing????  and the other area is writing things that are tongue in cheek/funny.  

What are your areas??
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I write mainly fiction because life is so hard and I prefer to step into something a bit out of the world if you get what I mean. I also like to write encouraging pieces based on my own pain and trials in life and how we can better protect ourselves from it. I have actually never tried to write like a comical piece but I look forward to trying.

I am fond of the expository pieces as well, you know abortion, teenaged pregnancy, abuse etc etc. I think these issues worth addressing as they are major problems affecting our society.

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