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2nd opinion

Hello I quit smoking a year ago 2 weeks after that a lump appeared next to my adams apple...I went to the doc she says its nothing and gave me anti biotics without taking my blood. Ever since I didn't go away its a year later and nw its paining like hell...my neck starts paining at the back of my head on top of my head the lump gets big then small as time goes by...nw my tonsils feels like its acting up I gt 2 lumps under my jaw below the ears. Its hard to swollow now...visited the doc 3weeks ago he took my blood bt neva gt back 2 me...I gt these headaches in my temples and behind my head lately I feel dizzy and feverish aswell...I try not to get too panicked I try 2 keep calm bt I just want to knw shud I be worried? Shud I go back 2 da doc? Cause here they say no news from the doc is good news...
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If there is a tooth problem, then that may cause swollen lymph nodes.
The thyroid medication should be adjusted to keep TSH normal, but that may not impact the "lumps".  An ENT evaluation may be needed to sort out cause of these "lumps" but usually they are enlarged lymph nodes due to infection or other inflammation.  Neck CT or Ultrasound may be needed as well.  Keep working with your doctor to sort this out.
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Just 2 add not sure if its important...I gt a life long problem with tooth decay my one wisdom tooth is rotten to the gum I'm scared 2 pull it cause I feel the pain through the anesthetic...now I'm gona suck up and be a man and pull it now friday just wondering if I do have and infection will it go away if the tooth is extracted? I also spotted a tiny lump in my temple area yesterday but I hope that's a pimple...
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Ok so I went to the doc 2day and gt my results all I saw was thyroxin and 16.08 and something else he took it and put in a an envelope he then put me on a heart machine cause he said my heart has a unusual beat so he made me an appointment to go to a heart specialist and insisted I shud extract my tooth. At 1st I wasn't worried bt nw I am I don't want them to cut on my body....does this all seem rite? I'm really worried my appointment is for 21 november
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Thank you so much for the reply I'm just waiting for the 21st of nov....had my tooth extracted but its a week later and still I get these head pains like all over from the front to the back down the neck then on my sides mostly right temple, eye and ear area but that's the side the tooth was pull a week back so it can be those pain I'm getting I'm just guessing now I hope it not something different and serious
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