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3 fluid filled & 1 solid thyroid cyst quickly

7 years ago when I was 55 a shadow showed on a chest x ray & they did a x ray of my thyroid and it showed 2 very small cyst. All this time they remained very small but 3 months ago while on warfarin the cyst on the right instantly became large, painful and was blood filled. A CT and a MRI was done and I was told it would go down on its own (& it did within a few days) but to tell my PC. I got off warfarin immediately.  Well, last week I had a sonogram and now I have 4 cyst, 3 are fluid filled and 1 is solid. The solid one was the largest (2.56 mm). Also labs were ordered. A biopsy is scheduled in 2 1/2 weeks and I was told the fluid ones can be drain  and checked  in 3-4 weeks.
What concerns me is a couple of months ago there were just 2 very small fluid filled ones now there is another fluid one plus a much larger solid one. Any ideas what would cause another fluid filled one to appear and a solid one to appear and become large so quickly?
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most common cause of a sudden cyst enlargement would be bleeding into a small cyst.  A 2.56 cm solid nodule is not likely to appear that quickly so would have the previous ultrasound reviewed.
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TY for your reply but I was mistaken it had been 6 months not 3 months.
2 weeks ago a biopsy was done on the 4.5cc bloody fluid taken from the fluid filled cyst and the biopsy (2 places) on the solid cyst was indeterminate. So the wait for results starts all over again...only now I am very concerned.
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I am 33 years old and have been diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis and a mulitnodular goiter. I had an ultrasound done and my right lobe is bigger then the left .  It measures 4.4 cm. I also had an Fna biopsy done and it states this:
The specimen is moderately cellular and consists of lymphoid population which is polymorphic, including small lymphocytes and larger reactive- appearing lymphoid cells.Howeever, there are atypical lymphoid cells seen; a lymphoproliferative disorder arising in the background of thyroiditis can not be entirely excluded.Rare scattered follicular and Hurthle cells are seen.Colloid is scant. The fusing is Atypia of undetermined significance. I can feel the lump on the outside if my neck. I have pain on the right side back if my neck, I feel dizzy, discomfort when swallowing and a clicking sound and pressure in my right ear. With my symptoms and the FNA biopsy finding, should I have this thyroid removed?
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