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3 years, 3 endocrinologists and she is still gaining weight

My 17 y.o. daughter, has had all the tests, levels in normal range over 3 yrs. she is 5'5" BMI obese. she works out 6 days wk. eats no more than 1200 cal.,counts carbs, never cheats, no red meat no cheese, can tell you the nutritional value in every food item. She has lived this lifestyle for 4 yrs. Was put on phenteramine 10 wks. ate even less no weight loss. Also fluoxetine. no longer takes this. She has no appetite so a suppressant  to help with overeating is not necessary bec she doesn't ever overeat, she never has. She maintains this regime in fear of gaining more weight.  Nobody will give her a throxine trial. Newest dr. feels she has a low BMR and wants to retest that.  She is a high achieving student, lifeguard, and voluteer. They all tell her she is destined to be obese as her BMI states and there is no obesity in the family, she is to cope and change her mental attitude of trying to drop the weight as some people will just be overweight.  If she eats more she will gain, she has gained from not eating more. Acupuncture was suggested by a friend, she is getting so heavy that running and cross fit is getting harder. When will the weight gain stop! She doesn't want to be skinny just wants to get rid of 30lbs. and be more comfortable.
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I have recently been diagnosed with hypo, I found the website stop the thyroid madness website useful and it gave me hope when doctors told me I was normal too just because of my tsh. Maybe it will help you too goodluck!
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Thank you I will look into it.
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