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Abnormal Thyroid Test results

I recently had a routine blood test for my annual physical come back abnormal. My doctor is concerned about it and has referred me to an endocrinologist. Will see the endo in 2 weeks.
Here are the findings so far:
TSH   .27
Free T4   1.29
Free T3    381
Thyroid Scan/ Uptake    3.3% at 6 hours-Radiologist states that this is in the hypothyroid range and the thyroid gland is relatively small.
My symptoms are more hypo such as constipation, fatigue, weakness, i have gained a few pounds and find that i am craving sweets more than usual. Have difficulty losing weight with diet and exercise. I also have a fairly consistent mild headache. I do have allergy sinus problems so don't know how to differentiate between that and possible pituitary tumor, etc.
WHAT MIGHT THE PROBLEM BE? Secondary Hypothyroidism, Pituitary Adenoma, or nothing at all???


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The TSH is slightly low -- not likely significant --the 3.3% 6h uptake is low -- combining these suggests a transient silent thyroiditis which is likely to resolve on its own.  

The radiologist should NOT say "hypothyroid range" -- only the blood tests are used to see if a patient is hyper or hypo -- the iodine uptake is only used to determine why.

most likely the other symptoms are not thyroid related.
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