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Allergic to all thyroid medication?

41 yr old female; pap carc dx 2/12; thyroid removed 3/12; rai 7/12.  After rai, began taking 100 mg compounded levo. Took medication successfully for 1 year. 6/13 stopped med to go hypo to check thyroglobulin levels.  When I went back on med, same rx, I became extremely hyper & also developed what I call the shakes to the medicine. I would take med in am & by evening, I would have internal shaking in my head, neck & chest. Tried to alter dose, went hypo but still had shakes.tried new batch of compound w/same shakes. Eventually went on to compounded Cytomel 20 mcg 2x per day where I seemed to do much better. By Feb/Mar of this year though when I picked up my next rx of Cytomel (which I had been on since December), I developed sleep disturbance every night & significant chest pain & also the feeling of just being buzzed or over medicated (tsh was normal). Stopped Cytomel & began taking another compounded Levo the shakes came back and it was my whole body--in addition to shakes, I had muscle twitches in feet & legs. Stopped levo, started Tirosint 88mcg. I seemed to have a little bit of the shakes for the first 3 days or so of the med but then it seemed to quell.  I did develop significant scalp pain & left ear pain. Then on my fourth week taking it, I developed itching on my face and arms and I think a hive or two also. I stopped taking that & am now taking WP Thyroid.I started at 16.25 mg for 2 days I raised to 32.5 on the third day and then 48.75 on the fourth day (my dr wants me to take 78.25 mcg in total). I found when I took the 48.75 I developed itching on the head again. In addition, my ankles swelled a little and face felt hot or flush. I backed off and took 32.5 today-felt chest tightness but no itching.32.5 not enough to keep tsh low. So worried I can't take thyroid meds. (I do have a lot of intolerance to foods and certain meds) does this seem familiar? what could it be? endo wants to send me to naturopath.
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would work with an allergist to sort this out - usually the tirosint is a good choice in these cases.  I haven't had consistent success with (and thus don't use) compounded T4 or T3.  You certainly need thyroid medication and I have not seen a case where it is not possible to find a solution - but sometimes this takes quite a bit of time and needs exploration into other causes/contributors.
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