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Alopecia and Hyperthyroidism - untypical thyroid lab test result.

I’m 26 and I’ve got alopecia issue for about 2 years. I’m barely sure it’s a telogen effluvium, because hair loss is evenly distributed and affect my facial and whole body hair, as well.  I've realised it may be a hyperthyroidism, because I’ve had some other symptoms of it (hyperactivity, tremor, sweatness, sometimes arrythmia and high pulse). Before I’ve got some knowledge I tied these symptoms to some neurosis disorders, because I’m very nervous and uptight. I’ve tested my blood and this is my results:

TSH – 1,570 μIU/ml  (normal range 0,270 – 4,200)
FT3 – 4,92     (2,00 – 4,40)
FT4 – 2,00     (0,93 – 1,70)

As you see, my ft3 and ft3 are too high, but TSH is normal. May it be a hyperthyroidism anyway? Even if my TSH is normal? I’ve visited an endo and he said it may be a hyperthyroidism and recommend methizol (10mg a day) and another blood test after 2 weeks in order to see if methizol influenced the results. I’ve taken methizol since 28 Feb. and I’m going to get a blood test in the coming week. I would to know if the treatment recommended by that doctor is right? May it be a hyperthyroidism? What else may my untypical results mean?

PS I’m sorry for my unnatural English. I’m a foreigner and it’s not my native language.
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Would retest levels to sort this out prior to making a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism.  The free T3 and T4 levels are slightly high only.  The other (less likely situation) would be a pituitary problem.  Would recheck w/ endocrinologist.
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