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Alternative therapy for Grave's hyperthyroidism?

I was diagnosed with Grave's hyperthyroid two month's ago. The Endocrinologist has put me on 40mg Methimazole, which is crashing my WBC's and elevating liver enzymes. Apparently I have to be on this medication for quite some time. My lab values, after only 4 weeks, are insane, and T3, T4 still very high. I find this a highly toxic drug (for me). Even so, if I could handle taking it to the euthyroid state, I'm against RI or surgery. I have researched Stem Cell and allogenic bone marrow transplant, with minimal positive findings. I don't think homeo and naturopathic alternatives will help much, as I pretty much eat the way suggested, minus pasta, sugar for coffee and ice cream on occasion ;) I'm also a vitamin/mineral person and have been for years. So, my question for you is, have you heard of ANYTHING else that may get rid of this without these toxic and/or invasive therapies the Doctors say I must have? As a side note, the only Grave's symptom I have are itchy, "tight" eyes. Thank you
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In short - no.
If the WBC is very low, then anti-thyroid drugs may not be an option.  Your dose of MMI (methimazole) is high -- if the levels are going down, and the WBC/liver tests are acceptable, would hold the course and decrease the medication with time.  I assume you are on betablocker (atenolol or propranolol).  You have some eye involvement.  If MMI not working, then would reconsider surgery (or I-131 but w/ caution due to eyes) -- but if surgery the key is to find a surgeon very comfortable with Graves and prep with SSKI for 10 days prior.  

in addition - Would supplement with 200mcg of selenium daily (over-the counter)
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I was started on 15mg of methimazole a day, 5mg every 8hours.  No side effects.  40mg seems very high for a starting dose.  After 4-6 weeks your dose should be lowered to bring your labs mid range.  Be sure your Free t4 and Free t3 are used to guide your levels and dosing.  I used stress reduction, no gluten, dairy or sugar and went into remission. 3 years now
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Another thing be sure your supplements doesn't have iodine, you want to avoid excess iodine till you heal
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