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Benign Follicular Nodule

Hi, Im a 40 year old female and RN.  However I need help with this one.  I have had multiple symptoms over the years but in the last two years they have gotten worse.  They include:
      Tachycardia..taking Lopressor 75 mg daily..on and off for years
      Night Sweats
      Diarrhea..on and off
      Tremors...on and off
      Fatigue..esp late afternoon and evening
      Low blood sugars
      Facial flushing...on and off..in evening only
      Dry irritated eyes
      Lack of concentration
TSH, T3, T4 has been fine, so I was persistant.  Sent me to endrocrinologist.
1 mth later TSH- 0.4  T3-0.9  T4 1.1
Creatinine Clearance(24 hour urine) 161 H
Creatinine(blood) 0.56- 5/15/13 and 0.58- 3/5/13
Anion Gap- 6L
HBG A1c-5.2
Average Glucose-103
Rheumatoid Factor, Sed Rate, Sjogrens, ANA, Lyme, Hepatic Panel, Ferritin, DHEA, C-peptide, Seratonin, Calcitonin, Insulin, VMA, TSI, Antithyroidglobulin Antibody were all normal.
Blood in urine
So I went to see the endocrinologist.  He palpated my Thyroid and felt a nodule. Also he noticed edema to a vessel in my rt eye.  Not exactly sure what.  I had a FNAB and this was my result...Left Inferior (1.5 cm x 1.5cm )
            Negative for malignancy
            Benign Follicular Nodule: Benign follicular cells, hurthle cells, macrophages, and colliod.
Medical History:  2009-Lt partial Nephectomy-Renal Cell CA / Medinepheric Adenoma...Two different reports
                            Sinus Tach..on and off since my 20's on and off Lopressor
                            Seasonal Affective Disorder/Depression...on and off
                            2006-C6-C7 Disc Herniation
                            IBS-on and off
                            Lactose Intolerant
Meds:  Lopressor 75 mg Daily
            Fluoxitine 20mg Daily
            Robaxin for back injury HS
            Vit D Daily
            MVI Daily
            Ibuprofen 800 mg BID
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Does not sound like thyroid is cause of symptoms - you appear to have a benign nodule and normal thyroid function.  Usually we repeat ultrasound in one year to confirm stability of nodule.
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I agree.  Im thinking Adrenals.  What do u think?
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