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Bouncing Calcium Levels

I recently had a routine blood test and my calcium level was 10.5 with 10.2 being the highest point of normal.  I looked back at the last 18 mos. of tests and found that my calcium levels were 9.7, 9.8, 10.0, 9.9, 10.5 then retested at 10.0 with a PTH of 27.  My GP sent me a note that all was normal and that was that.  I have MANY of the symptoms of hyperparathyroidism and am really suffering right now.  Am I completely off-base?  My sister has hyperparathyroidism and is waiting to see a surgeon.  Is it hereditary?  My brother has frequent kidney stones, but has not had his calcium levels checked.  I faxed a note to my GP asking for further testing but received no response.  I've heard so many horror stories about Endos being so incompetent, I'm not sure what I should do next.  I have decided to order some of my own tests, paying out of pocket just to check things out.  I'm ordering serum calcium, intact PTH and Vit D (25).  What should I do from here?  P.S.  I have been treated for Hashimoto's since 1998.
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PTH and calcium are the most important, vitamin D would be interesting as well.  This trend is most consistent with either normal variant for you (slightly high Calcium, normal PTH) or early primary hyperparathyroidism or young age (usually <30yo), or high calcium intake or thiazide diuretic use or vitamin A exposure (among other possibilities).....
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I was diagonsed with Graves DIsease/HYPERthyroidism in February 2011. I was put on 40 mg. of methimazole , then 3 weeks later they stopped the anti-thyroid medicine. I had severe Hives! Well the Endo restared the ATD a week later , only 10 mg. a day. Well 3 months later I was very HYPERthyroid, worse than when I was first diagnosed! My TSH was not in normal range before she dropped the dose so low! Well now my last set of labs were done June 29, I am very HYPOthyroid. I was put on 30 mg. of methimazole from a second Endo Dr. I seen. I was on that dose for 6 weeks! Well even though I am HYPOthyroid, he only dropped my dose down to 20 mg. !! a day. I feel so nauseated, fatigued, hoarse voice at times, and the balls of my feet hurt! I have antibodies for both Graves and Hashi's , but the PA for the second Endo I seen said since my left eye is affected from TED, a very mild case. Thats its most likely Graves. HYPOthyroidism runs pretty strong on my moms side of the family. Also my PTH level is mildly elevated, and my caclium is low. My calcium has been low since Novmber, the Dr. I seen then said don't worry about it! Well the Dr. I see now did a 24 hr. urine calcium,  it was normal. I also have to take iron, and vitamin D now plus teh 2,000 mg. of calcium. Any thoughts on my condition? I will never do RAI!! Thank-you
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