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Can hyperthyroidism cause testosterone level to be elevated?

A few wks ago, I had several labs ordered by an endocrinologist. I saw him after approx 1 yr of various signs/symptoms, including 14 lb weight loss (which I didn't need).

The tests results were:

TSH = 0.01
Range: (0.4 - 4.7)

Free T4 = 4.25
Range: (0.7 - 2.0)

Cortisol PM = 2.7
Range: (2 - 14)

Testosterone Total = 2500
Range: (240 - 950)

ALT = 69
Range: (9 - 60)

He said I have hyperthyroid, probably Grave's, and started me on 20 mg Methimazole & 25 mg Atenolol a day.

What could be the cause of the high testosterone? Could hyperthyroidism be the cause?

He wants me to do more tests in about 7 wks and see him again. The next labs are for:

Free T4, TSH, Thyroidtropin Receptor Stimulating Antibody, CMP, CBC, LH, SHBG and total testosterone.

I noticed he isn't and hasn't done free t3; should he? Are the above tests appropriate? Are any missing that should be done?

Thank you.
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Check a free testosterone as well
Hyperthyroidism causes increase in sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHGB) so the total testosterone level is often high.  T3 should be done.
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