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Can thyroid disorders cause nausea and dizziness?

I have had been feeling fatigued for approximately 2 years.  I have gained weight and have not been able to lose it.  I have always been able to lose it in the past.  I crave more sweets than I ever have.  I had 3 episodes of getting ulp in the morning and feeling really good-lots of energy.  Then within a couple of hours I have severe nausea and some dizziness.  Twice it occured in the vehicle which made it worse.  The only thing that helped was to go to bed and sleep it off.  I slept most of the day and still felt drained.  I went to the Dr. and vertigo was ruled out.  TSH level checked and it was a little elevated.  I am being retested in a month.  Are there any more tests I should ask for?  Do you think the nausea is related to thyroid?  Why do I feel so good before it happens?
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Would repeat levels as a slightly high TSH is nonspecific.  True hypothyroidism can cause the symptoms though.
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yes, It can. If you can post your thyroid test results here , then we can comment on it. sometime, a liitle off can cuase a lot of problems (depends on the individual). So, post your  test here and we go from there.
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I have an underactive thyroid and before being diagnosed along with my many symptons was nausea. I suffered with this all day and everyday for many weeks until the the medication started to work.
In my case it appears to have been caused by slow stomach emptying due to chronic consitpation.
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I have Grave's Disease and before I knew about it I was having a lot of the same symptoms. I would feel great one moment and very fatigued the next. I also had nausea but I believe that could have been from my heart pounding constantly. I hope that you get well soon.
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