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Cholesterol and hypothyroidism

I am 22, eat healthy and excerise daily. My weight is good for my height. I am on a low dose of Synthroid and take Robinul for Hyperhidrosis. I have no family history of high cholesterol. Before beginning treatment my cholesterol level was high. It fell from 220 to 180 shortly after beginning treatment and other symptems disappeared. It is now elevated again (1 year later), my hands are dry and cracked, and some of the fatigue has returned. The GP just wants to send me a diet in the mail. I eat almost no meat, I use egg beaters and don't eat shrimp. I've studied nutrition and feel my diet is as healthy as it can be. Where should I go from here? The GP doesn't want to see me to discuss med. adjustments. What kind of specialist is best to follow this condition?
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Sounds like your diet is reasonable with regards to cholesterol.  The thyroid connection is particularly obvious in severe hypothyroidism -- once corrected then the cholesterol is less likely connected.  Would see an endocrinologist and make sure he/she know the family history as you are quite young and otherwise would not be that insistent upon specific diet.
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My endocrinologist put me on Lipitor for my high cholesterol when it became apparent that diet alone was not going to help.  I was at the point where I lost 10 pounds rather quickly from not eating and my cholesterol just went up!  My endo. explained to me that a very small amount of cholesterol actually comes from food.  Your liver is producing too much.  It is hereditary and also more prevelant among certain ethnicities.
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