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Colloid cyst

" UCG of neck is performed using 7.5Mhz linear transducer. study is as follows : right lobe of thyroid 4.1x2.3x1.5 cm.
left lobe of thyroid measures 4.1x1.7.1.3 cm. Isthmus measures 2.8mm.
mutliple tiny nodules with hypoechoic rim and predominant peripheral vascularity is seen in both the lobes of thyroid. Largest in right measures 0.7 x 0.7 cm. There is a evidence of cystic lension at the junction of left lobe and isthmus measuring 1.2X0.7 cm. no eveidence of internal septae or echoes within. Features may be suggestive of  colloid cyst.
great vessel of neck appears normal. no significant cervical lymph adenopathy seen. "
The above is the report of UCG when I sensed some cyst near my throat suddenly ( in an hr or so after eating one chocolates) . I am sure that it was not existing. But Dr. feels that it must be existing for many months.
Me confused. What could have caused this?  How can people avoid?

Appreciate your expert's repsonse..
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These are small cysts that are not likely to cause symptoms.  the 1.2cm (about 1/2 inch) at the isthmus may be able to be felt because these tend to be more superficial.  There is nothing to do to prevent these and it was not likely related to the chocolate eating episode, but more likely incidentally noted during the evaluation of the current symptoms.  I agree w/ your doc that they have likely been there for some time.  

With nodules/cysts >1cm, sometimes FNA biopsy is needed - would consult with an endocrinologist about this, however if the radiologist feels it is a classic colloid cyst, then it can be observed without FNA until it grows to >1.5cm (or even >2cm).
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