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Complications to throat? 3 Yrs Post Thyroid Cancer

Just over 3 years ago i had all of my thyroid removed due to Thyroid Cancer (Papillary Carcinoma). Within a few months of it being "accidently" discovered by my GP it had been removed and during those months of it being discovered to when it was taken out it had swollen or grown alot in size and became alot more obvious,sore,painfull and uncomfotable,i believe from all the poking,prodding,FNA etc as before that i had had it for years without it being noticable or as uncomfotable.
Today i was checking around my throat and scar, ( i hardly ever do it as it makes me feel queezy), and my concerns are, i have this sharp thin feeling spike/pointy thing on the left side of the front of my throat,(just to the left of where the thyroid may have been,it's kind of like a thin knitting needle is pointing out of my throat and my finger touches the end of it, I can feel it easily when i lightly touch the area on my throat. It can't be seen however by looking in the mirror. Ive felt this previously since my operation,but since i get grossed out and freaked out and dont check my throat often i forget about it. What would this be?
Also my other question is,since i felt around my throat a bit today,for no longer that 2 minutes one time then half an hour or so later another 2 minutes, the lower left side of my throat feels like it is "pulling" "heavy",kind of has a tightness to it,when i swallow it feels as though i have the preasure of a hand pushing on that part of my throat.
It feels like the exact same discomfort,weight,heaviness and tightness that i had from my thyroid and the tumour after it was found and before it was taken out. It feels tender to touch on that side as well and achy when touched. Believe me, i didnt put heaps of preasure or weight nor was i rough etc when i had a quick feel around and check of the throat today as it does gross me out,i just checked softly using the pads of my fingers in kind of light footstep actions,as ive had Specialists do in the past.
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You should probably see your physician for examination, it is not clear from your description exactly what is happening but it would be unlikely to be related to the surgery now that it is 3 years past.
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Ok thank you,i will get a check up.
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