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Confused about TSH & T3 Uptake numbers

I am a 30 year old male. Over 2 years ago I had some labs done when I had food poisoning. Not sure why they ran TSH test but they did

Here are the test

T3 Uptake 30.4 (low) ref range is 31.0-39.0%
T4 Total 7.1 ref range is 4.7-13.3
TSH 0.54 ref range is 0.34-4.82

My doc has seen these before along with ER when I had food poisoning but none of them ever mentioned anything to me.

It's now 2 years later and I stumbled on these test and have been doing some research. Does this need further investigating? I plan to make an appoitment soon but not sure how urgent this matter is. I'm very scared now that this could lead to something serious like heart disease. I've read reports that low levels of TSH indicate future heart issues.

I have no heart history in my family nor thryroid problems. Im very confused. Please any reassurance will help. Thanks
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TSH of 0.54 was normal, the other labs look fine.
Thyroid labs generally should not be measured during acute illness.
Talk to your doctor about the need for followup thyroid labs, but would not be routine.
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