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Cyst bleeding into itself??

Thanks in advance for any info. you can give me.

My dr. discovered a lump in my neck upon a routine exam. I had thyroid bloodwork done and an ultra sound. The dr. called today and this is what I was told: That the ultra sound showed a cyst that has bled into itself. Hence the rapid growth since my last visit. Nothing was felt at my last visit. My thyroid bloodwork came back normal. A fine needle biopsy is going to be scheduled.

First off is a cyst the same thing as a nodule? What causes a cyst to bleed into itself? What are the chances that this is cancer?

What is the usual course of action after the results come back from the fine needle biopsy? If it's negative for cancer what do they do with the cyst? If positive what would they do?

Any other helpful info. would be greatly appreciated.

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A cyst is a fluid filled thyroid lesion, and a nodule is solid tissue -- a complex nodule/cyst has components of both.  90-95% of all these are benign.

Sometimes the tiny blood vessels in thyroid nodules/cysts will rupture causing bleeding -- this is the most common cause of sudden growth of a thyroid lump.  

Benign nodules/cysts are followed with repeat ultrasound usually in 6-12 months.
The nodules/cysts with bleeding will usually resolve on their own over several weeks.
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