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Enlarged Pituitary Gland

A brain MRI showed I have an enlarged pituitary gland. I went to an Endocrinologist and have had blood test, which show I have high levels of prolactin. I was put on cabergoline, it made me itch and then a rash, I have just had more blood work done and my asthma/allergy took me off the cabergoline.  I've also been charting my body temps every morning and they get kinda low sometimes 96.3.  Why do I have to chart my body temps? and what other medicine other than Cabergoline, will the doctor prescribe for the high levels of prolactin? I've just had  more blood taken on friday, I'm going to the eye doctor on thursday to get my vision checked.  Any advice on a enlarged pituitary gland would be appreciated.
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I don't know why you are charting body temperatures.  The other med for high prolactin is called parlodel (bromocriptine).  Prolactin is the mos commony over-secreted pituitary hormone when there is a lump or enlargement -- also important to test complete thyroid labs, cortisol, acth, growth hormone and sex hormones (estrogen for women - -likely normal if menstruating & testosterone for men).  The pituitary can enlarge and push on nerves going to the eyes - this is why you are going to the eye doctor.
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