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Esophageal motility and Hashis?


Anyone here have an esophageal motility disorder that has been directly tied to thyroid function? I just found out I have swallowing issues today via an esophageal manometry test, and the doctor said this could be tied to thyroid issues.... BUT my thyroid seems to be under control already with synthroid. Just curious to hear your thoughts.

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This is not common -  unless the thyroid is out of control -- which yours is not.  IF you have autoimmune hypothyroidism (hashimoto's) -- then would ask about autoimmune diseases that effect the esophagus (like scleroderma).
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Thanks for your reply-- here are my present labs:

My TSH is 5.5 (range .27-4.2)
Total T3 is .8 (range .8-2.0)
T4 free is 1.25 (range .93-1.7)

I do have Hashimoto (antibody confirmed), and I've ruled out scleroderma already... Am I converting T4 to T3 appropriately? My doctor just upped my dose of Synthroid after these labs yesterday, but do you think that will be enough for me without a T3 drug?


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