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Extremely high tsh

Total Thyroidectomy-March 27th,2009
Diagnosis-Microcarcinoma variant of Papillary carcinoma
Haven't had treatment yet going to MD Anderson this tuesday the 26th of May.

Endo messed up and waited too long to do RAI and TSH climbed up to 150. Was put on Synthroid 75mcg for 1 week and then raised to 100mcg. Its been 3 and 1/2 weeks on meds and i started feeling real bad again except this time with pain in left side and back,diarrhea,ocular migraines,racing heart rate and neck pain.

So endo sent me for STAT bloodwork and my TSH came back 234.66 and my glucose dropped to 62 (I am hypoglycemic and have been for many years,not bad though never really had to pay attentention to it much). The rest of the bloodwork hasn't come back yet.

Why is my TSH climbing even though I am on Synthroid?
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The TSH may lag a bit behind the synthroid dose changes - also, 100mcg is a bit low for the average post-thyroidectomy / cancer patient.  It is probable that MD Anderson will address this.  Glucose abnormalities can occur with severe hypothyroidism.

Sounds like you have not yet had RAI.  With micro-Papillary Cancer, RAI may not be needed.  IF RAI is needed, then rather than being off synthroid, Thyrogen injections can be used.  Expect neck ultrasound or other imaging at MD Anderson to confirm there are no neck lymph nodes involved.
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Endo has me up to 150mcg now,TSH is 23.466 and waiting on new blood test results this week.

MD Anderson is useless as far as I am concerned,I walked in to my appt they told me i was cured before they did any testing at all,which only included a ultrasound which they didn't even bother to compare to my previous one. Told me they didn't want to see me for a year and to get bloodwork done again in 6 to 8 weeks which is a long time. My endo is doing them every 4 weeks because I am dropping so fast.

MD Anderson decided before any testing that I did not need the RAI even though at the time my Endo did,but glad I am Not getting it.

Since I had Total Thyroidectomy I have had a spontaneous bleed in my shoulder and I now have a buldging disk in my lower back. And my ocular migraines now come on everytime i go outside. Also,my vision still has not cleared up It is still blurry and has been that way every since my TSH was at 150 .

What else do i have to look forward to?

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