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Fainting & blood work results

Hello, I am 39 Female.  For the past 2 years I have been randomly woken up by sharp pains in my lower abdomen.  It causes me to faint and the time I am passed out is getting more frequent & longer (my husband tells me how long I stayed out) I have depression, anxiety (within last year), heart palpations, restless legs, nearsighted decreased drastic in last 12 months, tired, insomia, moody, irratiable, hair loss, gerd (within last year), secondary PTSD (husbands war trauma).  I have Cardio, Gastro & Internal Medicine doctors sending me for misc tests. I had an EKG last week & they sent me for thyroid blood work. They took me off Requip, but I had another episode (so they ruled that out)  I am looking at some blood work results & comparing to last years (not available further back). I understand most are "within" the range, but some are borderline. Could you please look at them and tell me what you think? Is there any pattern in the items changing, such as related to hormones, liver, thyroid, etc?
T3 Uptake 1.04 (.72-1.24)
Thyroxine 6.08 (4.5-12.0)
FTI 5.85 (5.0-12.0)
TSH, 3rd Gen (.35-4.94) last year 1.280 this year 1.436 (went up)
Glucose (60-99) last year 81, this year 77 (went down)
Cholesterol (100-200) last year 252, this year 258 (went up)
HDL (40-60) last yer 36 now 38 (went up within range)
Triglycerides (50-146) last year 211, now 137 (went down within range)
LDL (>150) last year 173.8 now 192.6 (went up)
BUN (7-18) last year 10 now 9 (went down)
CREAT (.5-1.5) last year .6, now .7
NA+ (138-147) 139 both years
K (3.6-5) last year 5.5, now 4.8 (went down within range)
HGB A1C (4.8-6.0) 5.2 non diabetic
CL (101-111) was 100, low now 103 (within range)
CO2 (23-31) was 30 now 28 (went down)
CA (8.4-10.2) was 10.3 high, now 9.5 (went down within range)
Anion Gap (3-16) was 9, now 8
URINE: all said normal except the few that had numbers
SG<=1.005 (1.003-1.030) Urobilinogen 0.2 (0.2-1.0) PH 5.5 (4.5-8.0) SG Manual 1.004 (1.003-1.030)
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Thyroid levels are fine and symptoms not typical of thyroid.
Consider repeat Calcium along with parathyroid (PTH) to make sure that is okay.
Consider testing for pheochromocytoma -- 24 hour urine testing.
You probably have had CT scan of abdomen/pelvis to evaluate the pain.
GI evaluation may be helpful to evaluate the pain, ask your primary if this is reasonable.
Hard to know if you are passing out due to pain or due to the underlying problem (whatever that may be).
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Thank you very much for your quick response and great insite.  
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