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no question really posted.....perhaps the patient-to-patient forum may be helpful.
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Hi there, I am not sure that I have Graves yet, I have back wood drs here and still try to tell me I am having anexiety. i hhave had a biopsy onmy thyroid which i have a huge Nodule on one side and like 5 other small ones on the other. I fell like I am going up and down, like I am so nervouse cant think sit still, nothing. then there are times that I am tired, not alot but sometimes. i feel like my heart is pounding so hard and the more excertion I use the palpitations get worse. I have lost now 30 lbs and these drs will not do anything about it. I see that my thyroid is getting bigger I can now see it through my neck. My blood work keeps coming out ok though. In the last 2 weeks my heart will go real slow and the rythym is not normal, but they cked my heart and it is fine and strong, but there is something causing it to do this. I still think its the tyroid. I am so Dizzy i can not drive anymore, for that fact walk around cause I feel so bad. I am 41 Yrs old this Friday and never in my life felt like this the longer times goes the worse I get. i have one pupil now more dilated then the other and my vision is really bad now even though the eye speacialist say its pretty good. i feel like foggy like the more stuff that goes on around me the dizzier I get. Gosh there is so many things, i am going to an Endo today to see if he can help me decide what to do. I think that if they did a partial Thyroidectomy I would feel a bunch better. Oh and when i eat is the worst the palpitations start and feels like I have just ran a mile. This stuff just is not right...
I can not think i can not concentrate, my words all come out wrong at times. i feel like this is never gonna end and would rather put myself out of the misery than to deal with it anymore...
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Get yourself tested and put on meds if you can.  I'm just starting with Graves (had the pre-cursor of up and down tsh levels for 6 years) and started on meds 4 weeks ago.  I'm sleeping better...no more palpitations, more energy during the day, etc...

Hang in there!
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I had graves and was treated for it febuary last year and now i have a underactive thyroid now i will be on tablets for the rest of my life. If you want to know anything if i can help you i will. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. Lynn
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