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Hi Dr Lupo,

I was dx with graves disease seven years ago. I was put on tapazole and gradually decreased dosis until achieved total remission about year and a half ago. This past week, i started feeling some symptoms and my endo did some blood work. My results are:
TSH <0.004
T4 total 18.6
T4 free 4.54

I was put back on 10 mg of tapazole. My questions are:

1) Is there any chance that this relapse is due to something else but graves? (I had a very bad flu a month ago)
2) Any possibility that I can go into remission again?
3) what are the antibodies that need to be checked to be certain this is graves again? (at the beginning I had very high TPO, when I went into remission TPOs were negative)
4) My heart rate is between 95-105, do I need BB for this?

Many thanks
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It's possible this is a transient thyroiditis, but most of the time it's Graves.  TSI antibody can be tested.  Beta Blockers are suggested for resting HR >90.  This relapse suggests that long-term remission is less likely.
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