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HELP - I am Living in Thyroid Cancer Hell?!

I am 23yrs old just had a TT. Confirmed Papillary cancerous nodule on the right lobe. Hoarse voice before due to where is was located on the nerve (doc warned me). I was recovering on track after my surgery up until the 3rd week. I spoke with the nurse and she said if the symptoms increase call back. A week and half later lying on the floor it was either go to ER or call my doctor who think I'm making up how my body is feeling because it doesnt match the norm... Here it is, if anyone has suggestions please share - I just want me back! I was Hyper before, now Im hypo/kinda Hyper (dr confused upon tests), shake uncontrollable usually in morning and late afternoons. Bloody noses while sleeping or 2-3x at random. Extremely hoarse voice to kinda normal with gasp like sound to it,extremely painful to talk. I sweat so bad its disgusting, yet my feet are freezing and handing are so hot the skin feels like its tearing off. Its normal to go 3 days with out sleeping and then get 3-4 hrs. I am happy, yet I sob when aches/pain gets unbearable because I dont even know how to describe them. I am still on a liquid diet and I have become the fun entertainment for my family at the dinner table due to having to tilt my head (with liquids) and then plug my nose hoping the majority goes down. I'm starving!!! I am 5'7" and down to 103lbs. Time of surgery 112. Wed morning I woke up to my neck literally pinned to my chest - dr says it was a spasm and feed me more meds. It pokes out down the center of my neck at the base to my chest it is swollen, and bruised. and upon swallowing it flares out. Im on synthyroid 50mg was 25mg and before that 50mg and take phengran to keep throwing up at bay. I feel like a freak! Antibodies low, Cali fine, haven't started RAI - haven't even meet that doctor yet and its suppose to start in a few weeks (?)....
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Many of these symptoms sound like surgical recovery issues that are taking more time than usual.  Would talk to your surgeon about options and realistic expectations on time frame to improve and any x-rays (if indicated) that may help clarify what's going on.

The thyroid levels need time to balance out.  At 100-110 pounds, a dose of 75mcg may be adequate initially (with plan to recheck at 4-6 weeks) - 50mcg is likely too low.  Would also test calcium (sounds like it's been done though).

Usually I hold on RAI until patients are feeling better.  Also, ask the RAI doc about using thyrogen so you don't have to come off synthroid.  And - review the surgical pathology with the RAI doc to make sure there is a clear indication for the RAI.
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