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Hair Loss and Thyroid -Legs and Arms heavy

Hiya, I would just like to say thank you for reading my first post, it is much appreciated.

Just another question - my legs feel like lead weights all the time and I get very severe muscle cramps, and I cannot hold my arms up for above my head for anymore than a few minutes without extreme discomfort. Also I get palpitations and jittery eyes along with numbness and tingling in my hands and feet.
I have lost almost all the hair from my legs, outer third of eyebrows and starting to lose underarm and pubic hair.

I have became very insecure and slightly anti-social. The most noticable thing though I used to be highly explosive and reactive and if need be confrontational if I knew I was in the right, these days I just do not have the energy to put up a fight. I have suffered from Pre menstraul syndrome since the age of 15 and have always carried more weight than the rest of my family.

I have also after a severe viral infection in 1999 and then involved in a bus crash in 2000 which gave me whiplash, I was left with a slight loss of hearing in my right ear a few months later I developed a strange change in my voice, it became deeper and hoarser, and I could no longer sing without losing my voice altogether, I have been going to my doctor for 5 years with this problem and was told it was post-nasal drip, for which I was given a spray that I put up my nose, as I continually felt that I needed to clear my throat, to this day I suffer and I cannot bear to wear anything around my neckline.

My Doctor has never felt or palpated my neck or glands, I think he may think I suffer from depression, but I myself do not feel at all depressed, I have wrote down all my symptoms as they gradually apeared over the last 5 years and I do feel that I may have an underactive thyroid.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

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Checking thyroid function tests and antibodies will tell you if the thyroid may be the problem.
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