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Hashimoto's and Muscle tightness

I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's. My thyroid levels (T4) are within the normal range even though it went from 0.95 last Nov. to 0.82 this March. I have had severe muscle tightness in my neck and shoulders for the past couple of years and it is only getting worse. I have read about muscle cramps being one of the symptoms and was wondering I am the only person out there that is experiancing this. The muscle on the top of my right shoulder feels like a rock and spasms all the time. Please tell me what I can do for this. My Dr. thinks I'm up in the night and has not put me on any meds for thyroid because the levels are still normal.
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TSH would be more helpful than T4 levels -- would consider a trial of thyroid meds to see if symptoms improve.  Goal TSH is around 1.0.  Your symptoms may not be thyroid related but a trial of med is worth considering.
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Ok I just went and got a copy of all my lab results. Nov. 2005 Free T4 was 0.95 T3 was 93 TSH was 1.33 All normal but my right side of my thyroid still gets bigger. Dr. said retest in 4 months. March 2006 Free T4 0.82 TSH 1.43 also tested Thyroid antibodies Thyroid Peroxidase Ab was >42.9 (normal is 0.0 to 2.0) and the Thyrogloblulin Ab is 37.3 (normal is 0.0 to 25.0) so both are high. No wonder I'm so tired all the time. The Dr said because the thyroid is producing enough hormone that he is not going to put me on meds. I wish he would. I told him what is normal for one person may be low for me. He agreed but still no meds. My shoulder muscles are hard as rocks and I thought I just injured myself or pulled a muscle or something about 2 years ago. But I went to physical theropy and massage theropy and had 2 rounds of 30+ injections of Botox right into the tight muscles and none of that even helped a little. So then I find out that I have Hashimoto's and then it all makes sense but the Dr. won't treat it because the thyroid is producing enough hormone. Never mind that it keeps getting BIGGER. Dr.frustrate me. Any advise would be great.
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You know I have been having the same problems, however mine is my left shoulder and neck.  Massage therapy only lasts for about a few hours to one day.  Saw Neuro last week I do have have bulging in disks in neck, not ready for surgery.  Said my headaches were due to muscle spasms.  Gave me a RX which my Pharmacist advised me not to take.  Saw Ortho two days later and his final answer was "I would have to live with the pain".  Nice doctors for being specialists.  I have been just starting to make correlation with my thyroid also for this pain.  I lift weights and I thought it was something I did.  I am on the lowest dose of Snythyroid, but I don't think it is the answer.  I started a cortisol support about two weeks ago and I think it has been helping alot.  I don't think I will be very happy if I find out that this is what has been causing all the pain, but I guess I will be happy too that I found an answer.  I did find yesterday that there is a correlation in the thyroid and fibromylgia and chronic fatique.  I am thinking this shoulder pain thing might be a small form of the fibromylgia.  I don't know if this helped, but it helped me to know that somebody else is dealing with this also and it is not in my head.

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I would recommend you both also be tested for adrenal gland fatigue. There are different stages. The 4x/day saliva test is the best test out there to start with. Adrenal gland fatigue can cause thyroid problems, and vice versa. Most doctors are unfamiliar with adrenal fatigue, and only catch the most severe cases(Addison's Disease). It is extremely common, and barely ever tested for! Look into the site adrenalfatigue.org

Jennifer C, I would definitely find a new doctor! He is not in your best interest. I hope he's not an endo doc, God help us!

Graywings, if the cortisol supplementation is helping you, definitely get your adrenal glands tested! The 3 main hormones the adrenal cortex produces are cortisol, aldosterone, and DHEA. You could easily be low on cortisol, if not also the other 2 hormones. The adrenal cortex also makes progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone.

I have both severe adrenal gland fatigue and hypothyroidism.  Chronic fatigue is one of my main symptoms, and can be caused by low cortisol alone.

Hope this helps the both of you.

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Wow! Snap!!!
I thought I was the only one with a solid shoulder. My muscels are so tight I have a head forward posture and 'dowagers hump'
I also had botox into my right shoulder, and steroid into the shoulder tendon, and my tennis elbow. I also had radio frequency de-nervations (they fry the nerves coming out of the spine) at r. necek and mid thorasic levels. lots of physio. I had always thought it was some kind or RSI before the fibro dx.  The only thing that I ever found helped at all was Yurelax (Flexoril (sp) in the US) a muscel relaxant (not drowsy in the day)  you take one at night and it breaks the spasm cycle, and you get some welcome sleep.

DX of fibromyalgia, gluten intolerant, low on minerals especially ferratin and zinc and today got very abnormal toxic elements results, reacting to mystery drug, toxic chemical or tissue breakdown product.  Trust me to have been poisoned by something not on the atomic emissions alalysis database ;-(

Adrenals fatigued and thyroid low.  Feeling much better on 5mg prednisalone (left over from asthma)

My antibody tests were negative.

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Found an interesting article today after reading all the posts.  Never thought I had fibromyalgia, but my symtoms sound right on www:wholehealthmd.com.  I still think all relates to thyroid.

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