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Hello Dr.

I have Hashimoto with two small nodules, and was wondering if and when the thyroid is no longer functioning because of the attack on it, would it then be the same as if the thyroid was removed surgically?  Would having it removed, stop a lot of the symptoms like neck pain and if it is kept in does the nodules disapear when the thyroid is no longer functioning and the synthyroid is acting as your thyroid?

Thank you
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The treatment with synthroid would be similar with hashimoto's as it would be after thyroid surgery.

The pain (despite the location) is not always thyroid-related and sometimes does not improve if the indication for surgery is thought to be "painful-variant hashimoto's".

The nodules may be areas of inflammation -- FNA biopsy may be indicated to determine the nature of the nodules.  They sometimes will shrink/atrophy with time in this setting.
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Thanks Dr. Lupo for answering.  Just a followup question, how do you tell if you have painful-variant hashimoto's?  And how many different types of hashimto's are there?

Thanks again
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What does it mean when your T3 Total is low?  Mine is 96
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