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Hashi's or Hypo? Both?

When I was in my mid 20's I experienced goiter along with a very rapid heartbeat. I was given Inderal and motrin at the time and was tested yearly for several years for Hashi's. Nothing seemed to come of it. However over the years my TSH levels have been all over the place. I occasionally have had the rapid heartbeat, along with anxiety issues. As of the past few years I feel very exhausted and recently have lost a considerable amount of hair (at least 1/2) in the last 3 months.I am having a very difficult time loosing weight and have very dry skin. I recently had my TSH tested and it was 5.17 ((0.34-4.82) High.  I do take Enbrel for Ra and have fibromyalgia and take Gabapentin and tramadol. Every 3-4 months, I  also receive Kenalog injections for my spine and in my hands for inflamation. Just for background info.              
I was retested 2 months later with results of 2.62 and tested  for free T3 and it came back as 2.61 (2.18-3.98) and free T4 as 0.88 (0.59-1.61) results. I feel I am hypo at this point. Any feedback on these results would be great, I am a little confused with these results and the fact that the TSH is all over the place every time its checked. The T3-T$ tests seem on the low side to me.
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TSH of 2.6 with normal T4 and T3 -- all normal at this point, but would look at TPO antibodies and w/ history of RA as this may be Hashimoto's w/ borderline hypothyroidism.
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