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I have had blood test done (i live in France) i have Hasimotes and from my last blood test th
is showed so my doc put me on 75 one day and 100 the next day and so on , i have just had another blood test my last one was 26-10-2012
this one is 21-01-13 This is the result :-

Auto-anticorps antithyroperoxdase
titre en Ul/ml .......41 .......(threshold  34)

Auto- anticorps antithyroglobuline
titre en Ul/ml.......................<115 Ul/ml     (threshold  115)

*T3 libre (FT3).....................3,6..pmol/L (Nles 3.95a 6,8 )   Threshold   2.3  ng/dl
Technique EIA Modular E170 ROCH

*T4 libre (FT4).....................16,6  pmol/l  (Nles  12,0 a 22,0)  Threshold  1.28 ng/dl
Technique EIA Modular E170 ROCH

*TSH  ultra -sensible ...........0,54  uUl/ml    (Nles 2,27  a    4,20 )    (    This was  0,19  on the  26/10/2012 )

Can anyone tell me what these mean , and any ideas what amount of tablet i should be taking .
I did say i would report back when i had my next blood test .

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This is consistent with hashimoto's with appropriate current TSH of 0.54 on your medication regimen.
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Thanks for your reply , do you think the blood tests are ok then ,and  to stay on  75 one day and 100 the next and so on .

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