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Help I need to know what to ask

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos what labs should i ask for, I am miserable and I have symptoms that contradict the symptoms of hypo although they keep raising my synthroid. I told my endo i have been having intense mood swings, sex drive is now gone, I cant sleep, I am always hot where i am dripping sweat, I have diarrhea, exhausted beyond belief,  I have not had a period in over 2 years, my hair is falling out in clumps and there is now a visible lump on my throat. She said the swelling on my throat is because of the Hashi so there was no need to look into it, she then listened to my heart and had me take a couple deep breaths. She told me I was wheezing and that the wheezing must be whats causing the other issues... since my body was upset that it was oxygen deprived... which to me sound like a bunch of bs i just want to get to feeling normal again... I am losing my mind and its affecting my family my kids deserve they mother again,  I just want to know what labs to demand, I called a different endocrinologist office to see them but they cant see me until December 20th. please help i dont know what to do
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With an enlarged thyroid, would suggest ultrasound.  Correcting TSH with T4 (levothyroxine) is the treatment for hashimoto's (and helps w/ goiter in these cases as well).
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