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Help me please! Thyroid

I started having problems with severe hives again; I went to more than one allergist.  The third one I went to told me that I was allergic to many things, results of testing.  She tested my thyroid and it was 0.36 and my complement C4C protein was high 55; the range was 16-47.  I had to wait 3 months to see and Endocrinologist, I went in and he informed that according to the blood test I am hyper-thyroid and is going to do a thyroid scan and blood test.  I am 237lbs, I thought when your thyroid was hyper you were skinny?  I am not sure what is going on with me, but this is no quality of life.  I am misreable.  I am a mother of four and have no energy to keep up, I work full time and by the time I get home I am exhausted and ready for bed.  Please help me.  What should I do, I have been to so many doctors and sick for a long time.  I am tired of going to doctors who just seem to want to treat the symptoms, I want to know what the problem is!  PLEASE HELP ME! I have Chiari Malformation 9mm, Abnormal Circle of Willis and Prominent Virchow Robins Space if this is of any help, I hurt all of the time, no energy, dry skin, oily hair, lots of aches and pains.  I get knots in my shoulder muscles that hurt really bad and lots of pressure in the back of my head when I laugh sometimes, Can all of this be tied together, what could it be?
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i have had chronic hives for 15 years.  they come and go. i know the pain of hives so my prayers go to anyone here with them.    allergy tests show a moderate reaction to mold.  my thyroid tests have always been normal  but interestingly enough i recently had a test that show a high level of calcium in my blood caused by my parathyroid.  (4 organs near the thyroid but unrelated)  an endocrinologist will determine in a week if i need surgury.  one doctor told me this inbalance could not cause hives.   doctors unfortunately do not know everything.  so how can they say with certainty a faulty parathyroid can not cause hives?  
   for help i occasionally take a short term dose of prednisone and it usually knocks the hives out for a while.   ask your doctors about this for brief relief.  i feel for you.  it is an extremely depressing illness to have and very misunderstood.   good luck
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I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3 years ago and take levothyroxine 100mcgs daily. Last September I developed hives, my GP felt it was an allergy but since then I have had 3 anyphalactic shock episodes where I have had to be hospitalised, I now carry an Epipen.  I have just seen a dermatologist who changed my antihistamine presciption, and who told me the hives could be linked to my thyroid condition and has taken blood to test for  C3, C4, haemoglobins, electrophoresis, full blood count and ESR.   Can you explain the link please between hypothyroid and allergic reactions?   Also, is there anything I can do myself to help matters as it's very depressing.
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The TSH of 0.36 is a little low but essentially normal.  With the hives, would look at TPO antibodies -- if positive, there may be an auto-immune thyroid issue contributing, but the evidence supporting this is low.  In other words, the thyroid is not likely causing the hives....
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