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Here are my lab values can you help me make sense of them?
Here's my history...will put lab values next.
I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma with a follicular variant in 2003. Had my thyroid and isthmus removed leaving one parathyroid.  I had radiation and sat in a lead room for 4 days. A year later it metastasized to my lymph nodes. Had 2 more radical dysections removing the lymph nodes and did well for a while.  Now the lymph nodes are back in my neck causing pressure on the carotid and lots of pain. I have lymph nodes on my left hip that hurt and go all the way down to the top of my left thigh. I have been told that I know longer have thyroid cancer and it looks like a low grade lymphoma. The oncologist I'm seeing says he's not convinced it's cancer.

I was in the hospital a couple of days ago with a pain level of 7/8 from my neck. I thought I had tonsillitis. The Er doc said my tonsils had atrophied and that it felt like there may be a blockage or some kind of abscess.  So they told me to go over the hill to a larger hospital that could do a mri. I went to the other hospital. They're thoughts were the same and they did some blood work and a CAT scan.  The scan showed several lymph nodes and they were not in the carotid this time. Just behind it pushing and causing the pain. My airways are fine at this time so they sent me home and told me to follow up with my oncologist whom I don't see until May.

Here are all of the values...I hope this helps.
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It is difficult to know the cause of your neck pain and lymph node enlargement.
CT showed lymph nodes - if any are particularly abnormal in size/shape, biopsy could be done.  If the hip are nodes are enlarging/persisting, these can be biopsied as well in order to make a diagnosis.
You did not mention a thyroglobulin blood test result - this is a marker for thyroid cancer.
I agree with increase in the thyroid med to help bring down the TSH.
Your total protein and WBC counts are a bit high - would follow-up with hematology/oncology regarding these.
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WBC                       *14                              4.5-11.0
RBC                         4.70                            3.80-5.00
Hemoglobin              15.4                             11.7-15.5
Hematocrit                44.5                             37.7-47.9
MCV                         95                               81.0-97.0
MCH                       *32.7                             27.0-31.2
MCHC                      34.5                             32.0-36.0
RDW                        132.3                           11.0-16.0
Platelet Count           312                              130-400
MPV                         7.4                               7.4-11.4
Differential Type:
Neutrophils               *78                               36-66
Lymphocytes            *17                               24-44
Monocytes                  4                                0-12
Eosinophils                  1                                0-5
Basophils                   0                                  0-2
ABS Neutrophils         11.0                            No range given
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Metabolic Panel
AST                         13                                 10-37
ALT                         *27                                 30-65
Alkaline Phosphate     92                                42-121
Total Bilirubin            *1.65                             0.1-1.0
Glucose                    107                               70-110
BUN                          16                                7-18
Creatinine                 0.9                                 0.6-1.1
Calcium                   9.7                                  8.5-10.1
Total Protein             *9.2                                6.4-8.2
Albumin                   4.6                                  3.4-5.0
Sodium                    135                                135-145
Potassium                3.9                                 3.5-5.1
Chloride                    101                                99-107
CO2                         24                                   24-32
Estimated GFR         72                                  60.0-128.0

TSH                        6.9                                  Not given
Free T4                    1.9                                 Not given

My I have been taking 150mcg of levoxyl and the endo has changed it to 175mcg. Hoping that will help with the TSH. On my 7th course of antibiotics over the last 6/7months.
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Thank you for answering. I feel the same way about the blood work. But since it is me I'm talking about I needed to know what a specialist thought. Also I did make a mistake here. I have taken 7 courses of antibiotics since April of last year. I don't believe it's an infection. The docs through antibiotics at me every time they run a cbc. It is very frustrating!
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