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High Free T3 and Low Free T4 Am I hypo or hyper? Why SO tired

Hi there -

I hope someone can give me some insight. I have some wacky labs I would like feedback on. Am I hypo now or hyper. I was Dx'd with Hypothyroid 3 years ago, am currently on Armour Thyroid 90mg

My recent labs show a low Free T4 and a High Free T3 but a normal TSH - Yet I feel SO tired, can sleep 12 hours a day. I feel really "off" - foggy, groggy and not myself and even a little down...

My labs are:
TSH 0.832
Free T4 0.8 (0.8-1.5)
Free T3 4.7 (2.0-3.6)

So my Free T4 is on the bottom and my Free T3 is out of range high. I do have occasional heart palps but cannot ascertain if they are because I am just not feeling great (I get PVCs when sick, tired, dehydrated) or if they are directly from the High T3?

My MD likes my TSH around 1.0 so she mailed these labs with a script to my home and feels they are fine, but I do not feel good. I have always heard FT4 should be mid-range and FT3 should be upper third for "optimal" thyroid range.

I can't even tell where I am at, I am at Opposite range. lol - I know everyone is "different" so there is no "one size fits all" but my labs just don't seem right.

If I back off the Armour will my FT4 fall more? Is that why I am tired? If I add a T4only med, would that help? Is my Free T3 considered Hyper? Do my labs show I am hypo or hyper now? I am confused. It's like a dichotomy - FT4 is hypo and FT3 is hyper and I am caught in the middle feeling crummy.

My MD office (there are only 2 Endocrine in my town, yes really - only two) are very curt and over worked, so appts are rushed, questions asked over the phone are balked at...I will be brave and call about this, but I wanted some feedback and backup before I do so I have suggestions on where to go....up or down my med, add T4 and why? It prob won't go over very well with them....lol

Please Help!!

Thank you! :-)

Any and All feedback or Suggestions are appreciated
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