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High TSH due to Tapazole -- Is it safe to discontinue

Labs in Jan 2010 showed I was hyperthyroid. Subsequent labs indicated the same, and an antibody lab indicated
Graves'. From Jan until now I've been put on methimazole with dosages being 20mg, then 30mg, then 40mg, then 20mg, then 10mg per day. The drop from 40mg/day to 10mg/day occurred in the last 6 wks. Labs yesterday showed :

TSH = 21.440 mIU/L   [0.270-4.200]
FT4  =   0.59   ng/dL   [0.93-1.70]
FT3  =   2.88   pg/mL  [2.00-4.40]

The endo's office called today and said discontinue methimazole and see them in a month.

Is there a high risk of any adverse effects if I completely stop methimazole, given the above findings?

I'm a 42 y/o male, and have been sick for about 15 months. On the methimazole, I only recently gained back the
10% of body weight lost while sick (I'm slender). The antibody test done in March 2010 was:

Thyrotropin Recep Ab = 12.74    Ref range <= 1.75

I have no eye involvement at this time. But I've recently noticed a definite growth of the thyroid gland, more on
one side than the other. I've had only blood tests done -- no ultrasound or iodine tests, etc.

Thank you.
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You have Graves and were put on a pretty high initial dose of methimazole (MMI) which overblocked the thyroid leading to a high TSh.  In these cases, discontinuing the MMI completely often results in rebound to hyper - we usually make a small change then recheck in 4-6 weeks, in this case, would consider 5mg per day and recheck in 4-6 weeks, but only your doctor can make this decision. The key is close follow-up, which you appear to have.
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