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High thyroglobulin level & increase in goiter size

My 56 year old husband has an upcoming biopsy due to a 30% increase in goiters his doctor has been watching for last 6 years or so. His most recent thyroglobulin level, from a test last week, is 1445.7. That seems very high. Please, any advice would be appreciated. We are both very frightened that it is cancer. We know there are other thyroid disorders. He has always been asymptomatic, except for recent occasional pressure in his throat.
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Thyroglobulin is a thyroid protein that can be high in benign goiter.  It has no predictive value for cancer in this setting.  If the nodules/goiter are growing then treatment may be needed to help control compressive symptoms.  This is usually surgery, sometimes I-131 (radioactive iodine) and sometimes levothyroxine (if TSH is high).  Biopsy is recommended for enlarging nodules, so this is an important first step.
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Thank you, Dr. Lupo. We are supposed to get his results back tomorrow. It is a relief to hear that the thyroglobulin level does not indicate cancer. He has some heart issues, and I have heard that thyroid treatments/medications can counteract some heart medications. We will consult with all his doctors moving forward. And I will update here to let you know what is going on once we know.

Despite my husband's medical issues he is in good health because, aside from having a strong constitution, he eats well, exercises and has some great doctors he sees on a regular basis (and he follows all their advice and treatment recommendations). So I know we can handle whatever lies ahead. Thanks again for the information you provided.
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Dr.Lupo: Sorry have not gotten back to you. He had to have a 2nd biospy as the 1st on was inconclusive Happily the 2nd biospy was benign. He will be seeing his doctor in about 2 months, at which time the doctor may advise him to have surgery if the nodules keep growing. Will keep you posted. Thanks again for your time and help.
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