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Hyperparathyroidism symptoms?

I know your time is valuable and I thank you very much in advance.
Sorry so informal.  Limit is 2000 characters.

Your thoughts on PHT possibility and Thyroid treatment greatly appreciated.  

Born 1962

1990-95 Many trips to physical therapists for back and hip pain

1995 Compression Fractures.  Anterior (front of spine)

1997 Start Prilosec / Ambien  

1998 Calcium 9.6 TSH 1.73

1999 (1994-2004) Hand, Elbow rashes, Finger worts.  Dr. tries antibacterials, antifungals, freeze ‘warts’. Nothing worked.  I am almost certain this was calcinosis.  

2002 Calcium 10.6.  Chloride 109.  Potassium 5.5.  HDL 31.  LDL 126.  Total Cholesterol 227.  Triglycerides 351.  TSH 2.71.

2002 "1-2 hour episodes of severely debilitating back pain. Describes pain in his (L) flank area.  Improves with lying flat” (Kidney stones?)  

2002  Anterior compression fractures, increased thoracic kyphosis, cervical hyper lordosis, etc.

2003 Heart Bundle Branch Block
Calcium 9.0 Potassium (L) 3.4, Chloride (H) 108

2004 Calcium 10.3   TSH 2.57

2004: Antidepressants.  Don't work  

2005 Begin Ritalin for concentration problems.

Jan-Mar 2006.  'Event'  with rapid weight loss, increased body temperature, high blood pressure, sweating, polyuria, rapid heart rate of 140+ , etc.   Calcium 9.1  TSH 2.15

2006 Psychiatrist. Risperdal, Lamictal, wanted to try Alzheimer’s medication (Namenda.  I declined).   None worked.

2006 – Sleep study.  Overnight oxygen 80%.  Given a CPAP machine.  

2007 Start thyroid and adrenal treatments.

2008 Calcium 9.4.

Nov 2009 Ionized Calcium 5.1.  Pth 46.  Taking vitamin D.  Did this test on my own.  Suspect lab.  

Dec 2009.  Calcium 10.0.  Cortisol 3.3 (L) Free T4 1.24 TSH <.01

2010 – Tooth pulled.  Bone / root resorbption.  

2010 – Added T3 therapy.  Helped w/low body temp.

Vitamin D  31
Very high lactic acid.
Dx  ‘mitocondrial dysfunction’: prescribed pancreatic enzymes, zinc, Myers cocktails.
PTH 48 (done in dr’s office).
Calcium 10.1.
TSH .01.  
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Does not appear to be consistent with hyperparathyroidism though there are some Ca levels in the low 10-range.  Not enough to make a definite diagnosis.
TSH is too low - likely due to thyroid hormone supplement excess.
Low cortisol is also likely due to medication (steroid intake).
Would see an endocrinologist for evaluation of these issues - thyroid,parathyroid, adrenal.
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Thank you Dr.  There were numbers as high as 10.6.  And I thought that the considerable variability was a possible indicator.  Especially when combined with compression fractures, GERD, concentration problems, etc.  Nonetheless, I feel terrible.  I live in a small town with no endocrinologist but will seek one out.  Thank you for your time.  

1998 Calcium 9.6
2002 Calcium 10.6
2003 Calcium 9.0
2004 Calcium 10.3  
2006 Calcium 9.1
2008 Calcium 9.4
2009 Calcium 10.0
2010 Calcium 10.1

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Update.  March 2011 Blood Test.

Ionized Calcium:  5.4

PTH Intact:  100.00
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