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Hyperthyroid - No weight loss, Need help!

So I'm 19 years old now, and I was first diagnosed with hypothyroid when I was around 16-17. Just last year I had my radioactive iodine and my thyroid has become hyperthyroid.
I never had any weight loss since I got diagnosed with hypothyroid, I started around 45-47 kg and then gained a lot of weight during the early days of my thyroid problem, my highest being up to 55 kg.
Anyway, I have been given 50mcg levothyroxine to take, and I have been taking this dosage for about most of the year now.  
I am currently 50-51 kg, I am only 150 cm (4'11'').
And I really really need help with losing a little bit of weight. I have been eating around 1200-1500 cals/day and exercising around 60mins a day 5 times a week, mostly cardio, and high intensity interval training and have been doing this the past couple of months.
Although I feel that my endurance is stronger when I exercise, I haven't lost any weight, nor have I seen any changes or any muscle tone.
I really want to know if i can get any help in boosting my metabolism or just any help in general so I know what's wrong with me. Should I go for a check up... because I think that maybe the medicine I'm taking isn't right for me or it's not the right dosage.
If someone could also possibly give me help on the right diet for hypothyroid.
I would really appreciate your help!
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Would have your thyroid rechecked
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