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Hyperthyroid symptoms normal test

I recently got tested for thyroid dysfunction because I have all of the signs of hyper.  Tachacardia/palpitations, (I measure 4 to 5 times a day up to  124 resting, but someties in the upper 70's lowere 80's) increased appetite, feeling hot, night sweats, irritability (getting worse).  I did have a baby 3 months ago so that was another thing that made the thyroid seem a likely culprit.  But, my tests results were normal.

TSH-  .8
Free T4- .8

kinda wierd they were both on the lower end of normal...from what I read are opposites, one leans toward hypo and one toward hyper.....

with these symptoms and these test results would you just let it be or would you get more tests done??
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you may have had post-partum thyroiditis which usually starts with hyperthyroidism then you go hypo -- this is followed by normalization in many cases.  Would test thyroid antibodies and if you are planning to have more children and anitbodies are positive, would treat with levo-thyroxine if the TSH repeat in 3-4 weeks is still elevated.

Your symptoms suggest hyper and the labs suggest early hypo, but you may be going through a transition from hyper to hypo.  
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